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Educational resources

Ynni Sir Gâr are committed to working with local schools to further knowledge and understanding of the climate crisis and how solutions can be developed locally.

Below are links to teaching resources that can help teachers and learners to understand the Community Energy sector and to further understanding of the need for more local action to combat the myriad challenges that are linked to the climate crisis.

Primary School Resources

Tick-Tock: A graphic novel about energy, ownership and community.

A graphic novel and linked exercises to help teachers to explore themes including: the history of energy generation, renewable energy, natural resources, energy ownership, community energy and community responsibility. For Key Stages 2 & 3.

Available from the HWB Cymru repository here.

Secondary School Resources

Climate Action in your Community!

A DIY manual of exercises to help learners with tackling climate anxiety through small actions within their school, at home and in their community. The manual is also accompanied by a Power Point presentation for teachers. For Key Stages 3 & 4. Download the manual and accompanying power point below!

Climate Action in your Community! A DIY Manual (pdf)

Climate Action in your Community! (power point presentation)

For further information on these resources, or if your school would be interested in visiting our community wind turbine in Carmarthenshire to coincide with the above resources, please contact our coordinating officer, Sioned Haf: