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Bwrlwm: Creating Energy Locally

Bwrlwm is a new project by Ynni Sir Gar located in and around the town of Llandovery in the east of the county. The project was developed jointly with Climate Action Llandovery (CALl) group to look at three different issues in the area:

  • Generate community energy – where local renewable energy is created and used locally for the benefit of the community
  • Save energy through energy efficiency, retrofitting measures and sharing information locally
  • Support the circular economy and the sharing economy, in order to create a local economy that causes less negative impact on the environment and the climate.


The project calls for the input of ideas from the local community about what they would like to see developed in the area. You can contribute your ideas through this questionnaire.

During 2024, a series of events and projects based on this information will be developed in order to begin the journey of raising awareness and transforming the area, from the bottom up, to be self-sustaining and considerate of the local environment and the international climate.

For more information about the project, contact the Project Officer, Vanessa Bolton-Roe: / 07393593699.